Aggravating the Process and Contributing to the Waste

I have tried not to make any comments in the past posts but, I was confused why the builder was even using the tray when all they would do is tip it into a pile on the ground. The pile of concrete is contaminated with plastic from the tray lining like the other methods mentioned in my previous posts.

The piling and removal of the concrete would mean double, even triple handling of this waste. This pile would only amount to a very small portion of the leftover concrete on this site. What a mess!

Concrete mixers have also poured their remaining concrete on the pile instead of returning it to the batching yard. This will save the builder money, but now the builder will need to organise a machine on site with a hammer to break up the concrete before it can be loaded and taken to a tip or recycler.

The mess left over is quite obvious. It may bother some builders and maybe not others, having a site with this amount of slurry left that could create a hazard, a cost and generally poor look.

My next post,  summary of the problems.

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