Introducing PumperDump’s New 5m3 Patent Pending Blowback Bin

Transforming industry experience, a wealth of knowledge and continuous system innovation for concrete pumping and concrete waste collection, PumperDump has been a player in the concrete pumping industry for years.

With the roaring success of the 2m3 (2 Cubic Meter) blowback bin which launched more than 10 years ago, it was not difficult to notice the gap in the market for something a little bigger. After months of planning and trialling, we are proud to introduce the new 5m3 (5 Cubic Meter) blowback bin to the streets of Sydney. 

Our latest innovation would not be possible without the collaboration of some important players in the industry.

We would like to thank Bincorp for the manufacturing of the bin, De Martin & Gasparini for assisting during the construction and for trialling the bin, and WATPAC for permitting this bin to be trialled on their site. We would also like to give thanks to Azzurri Concrete for their input during the construction.

This video shows the second blowback in the same bin without being emptied. PumperDump believes a modest improvement as such could save concrete pumping companies, builders and concrete suppliers money over the duration of a project.

How you ask?

While the delivery line is short and the bin is set in place, you will be able to get a couple of blowbacks into the same bin before it needs to be emptied. Depending on who is paying for the current blowback truck, this could reduce the blowback bill considerably. The bin is also ready at your disposal if there are any problems to occur during the pour – so no waiting for a blowback truck to arrive when time is crucial.

For builders, concreters or concrete suppliers who care about sustainability, there is far less truck movement, reducing the carbon usage associated with a blowout as well completely eliminating the use of plastic, strongly keeping to our policy of no plastic in any of the equipment or waste stream.

Lastly, for the concrete suppliers. There is no need to immediately cart concrete to your yard – reducing fuel consumption, turnaround time for the next load is much quicker, as well as reduced tipping or carting fees for the removal of waste concrete brought back to your yard.

So, depending on who you are in the industry there is a saving for you!

As this is a new system, we have a very limited number of 5m3 (5 Cubic Meter) bins. Nonetheless, we are more than happy to talk to any party interested in using a 5m3 on their current or new projects.
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